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The Vignaluna Winery is based within the delineated Piave DOC zone, among the fertile plains of the Veneto region of north-east Italy. Those plains are lapped by the tranquil waters of the River Piave, a waterway of crucial importance to the whole of Italy, and along its banks the very best grapes in the area have been cultivated for years. Two particular native grape types, Raboso and Verduzzo, flourish here as nowhere else.
Three factors - the climate of the area, its unusual morphology (70% clay) and the continuation of a production cycle in which respect for nature and for time-honored viticultural methods remains essential - combine to make it possible for us to produce wines that are the epitome of the proud winemaking traditions of the Veneto.


The winery has been augmented the addition of a tasting room with adjacent exhibition, used as a reception area for customers and lover of great wine.


The Lunardelli family has been making wine for three generations. The first member of the family to start working with vines was the current owner's grandfather, Giovanni Battista, a share cropper. His son, Luigi, then started to purchase plots and train the vines using the Sylvoz system. He also constructed a small cellar next to the main house.


Since 1992, the winery has been run by Luigi's son, Giovanni Lunardelli, who qualified as a wine technician in 1988 at the State Technical Farming Institute in Conegliano before becoming a fully-fledged enologist in 1998.

Giovanni now concerns himself with all of the winery's viticultural activities, dedicating a substantial portion of his time to the condition and performance of the vineyards and personally overseeing the vinification of the grapes in the cellar complex.


The family's winemaking heritage has been passed down from father to son across three generations.

The philosophy of this relatively small-scale producer is to make wines that encapsulate the culture of the area. Paying dutiful homage to the rich history of the Veneto, the winery aims to give proof-positive that the viticultural traditions of the area are alive and well. This approach seems all the more important now that we have entered a new millennium, one in which the atavistic origins of wines are becoming ever more confused and faint against a backdrop of global homogenization.
Our winery is youthful and dynamic in spirit, and we like to offer our clients vintage wines of impeccable quality - we trust that, in the near future, we will be seen as guardians of authenticity.


Our Noble Wines of the Piave represent the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

Azienda Agricola Vignaluna di Giovanni Lunardelli
Via Triestina, 59 - 30024 Croce di Musile di Piave
Tel. +39 339.5327048

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